Fire Stopping

Any gaps within fire compartment walls & floors have to be sealed with suitable fire stopping materials. If not then the integrity of the compartment wall becomes compromised. We have application services for many different types of fire stopping materials available for any type of compromised situation.

Fire stopping is all about containment. Firewalls and rated floors are designed to stop the spread of fire, smoke, and toxic gases. Any time a fire-rated substrate is interrupted (or penetrated) the rating is taken away. As firestop installers, we are charged with restoring the integrity back to fire-rated substrates (i.e. walls, floors, and occasionally roofs).

Fire stopping uses specific tested and proven assemblies to restore the substrate rating. These assemblies are commonly known as UL Systems.

The majority of our work is related to installing UL Systems applicable to MEP penetrations through gypsum walls and concrete floors. We also commonly install fire caulking systems at the top and bottom of gypsum, or block/concrete walls, to ensure transmission resistance of smoke & toxic gases. We also install fire barriers at the edge of the slab on multi-story buildings with bypass situations such as Curtain Wall.

Following Services available :

  • Fire stop Sealing
  • Fire stop Structure Coating
  • Fire stop Cable Coating
  • Fire stop Cushioning
  • Fire stop Mortar Spraying
  • Fire stop Foaming
  • Fire stop Collars & Wrap Installing