Dry/Wet Shotcrete

Facts Pakistan specializes in the planning, managing, and delivering of high-end, design-led projects utilizing shotcrete and gunite construction methods for civil engineering and urban regeneration contracts.

Sprayed concrete has numerous uses in today’s civil engineering environment and is increasingly relied on method for concrete repair and reinstatement, driven by the advances in concrete technology. Sprayed concrete is the preferred method of concrete repair reinstatement when there is a limited window of opportunity to effect repairs. For example, night time possession work within temporary traffic management or rail track possessions are used to repair corrosion or impact damage bridge beams, abutments, and central piers. Fast setting materials offer the chance of early initial setting times allowing the opening of live lanes or rail tracks with the minimum of delay to road and rail traffic.

Sprayed concrete is frequently utilized in the repair and refurbishment of marine structures. High performing micro concretes offers superior protection from chloride attack than standard concrete, and are often incorporated into cathodic protection systems as an overlay. Sprayed concrete is particularly suited to working within tidal environments as the method is capable of accessing difficult areas and confined space beneath piers and jetty’s’, is quick and easy to set up and demobilize when tidal and flood conditions dictate.

Sprayed concrete is an established method for tunnel and shaft construction throughout the world, but is now increasingly used as a ground support system, for contiguous piling infill and overlay, and as a viable alternative to the construction of breeze block or false walls in underground car park construction and basements. Sprayed concrete can also accept waterproofing additives to control the egress of water and the waterproofing of structures constructed below the water table.

Sprayed concrete is increasingly used in flood defense schemes in recent years and in particular, the rehabilitation of culverts drains, and storm tanks.

Sprayed concrete is the perfect medium for the construction of organic shape features that require a long life span and durability. Playground features and urban regeneration projects, particularly the construction of skateboard parks and climbing walls lend themselves to this very adaptable method of concrete construction.